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Attention!!! To our awesome racecar lettering customers: We will NOT be lettering as many cars over the off season as we have in the past. At times we had 4 cars in our garage to be lettered and Mike and I spent little time with each other and the kids over the winter months. We can not do that again on top of our son's hockey schedule, daughter's gymnastics and our full time jobs, as well as getting the MKG Racing stable ready for 2020. We will ONLY be scheduling ONE CAR PER WEEK.........So if you want us to letter, please get a week booked ASAP. If we can not fit you in, I do not mind cutting out the vinyl and you apply. As much as we love seeing and getting our business name out there, our family is our #1 priority (and maybe Mike's winter honey do list). Thank you for being the best customers we could ask for!!!!!!!!

  Myerstown, PA 17067 Kim - 610-342-7534 Mike - 484-706-4420 kimskreations22@yahoo.com  
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